Consulting & Training Since 1990 on Protecting People from Harm, Incident Management, Preventing & Investigating Abuse/Neglect in Long-Term Care Systems Supporting People with Disabilities & the Elderly
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Dale J. Dangremond, BSW, MBA, has over 26 years experience as a nationally recognized consultant and trainer on protection from harm, incident management and investigating allegations of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and other critical incidents in long-term care organizations and systems supporting people with disabilities, the elderly, and juvenile justice settings. 

Her expertise includes: 


  • Training on protection from harm, incident management and conducting investigations involving allegations of abuse, neglect, and other critical incidents in long-term care.
  • Assessing and developing incident management and investigation policy and practice for government agencies and private corporations.
  • Designing and implementing competency-based assessment tools for investigation and incident management processes.
  • Designing and implementing processes to prevent harm in long-term care systems and organizations.
  • Expert Consultant/Witness litigation supports related to quality of care issues involving protection from harm, abuse/neglect, incident management, service delivery process and licensing issues in long-term care settings.
Ms. Dangremond brings over 35 years total experience working in long-term care supporting people with disabilities and the elderly as an advocate, administrator, consultant, and systems change agent.

Her professional experience includes mid- and executive management positions with service providers and government organizations supporting children and adults with disabilities in states like New York, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. 

Ms. Dangremond also has extensive experience in the field of deafness developing and managing specialized support programs, and has worked as a professional sign language interpreter and faculty in interpreter training programs.



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