Consulting & Training Since 1990 on Protecting People from Harm, Incident Management, Preventing & Investigating Abuse/Neglect in Long-Term Care Systems Supporting People with Disabilities & the Elderly
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Dangremond Consulting provides consulting and litigation support on protection from harm, quality/incident/risk management, and investigating allegations of abuse/neglect and other critical incidents in long-term care organizations and systems supporting people with disabilities, the elderly,  and juvenile justice settings.

Consulting supports offered include:

  • Assessing and developing government statutes and regulations relating to incident management process including: incident definitions; identifying and reporting incidents; investigation protocols; and other quality improvement requirements for service providers.

  • Quality assessment of Incident/Risk Management and Critical Incident Investigation process used by service providers and government agencies.

  • Case review/quality assessment of critical incident investigations including allegations of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, exploitation, wrongful death and other critical incidents. 

  • Analyzing licensing files, deficiencies, citations and compliance with State and Federal reguations.

  • Assessing corporate policy and procedure regarding protection from harm, critical incident investigation process, quality improvement, and related licensing requirements.

  • Assisting litigators and organizations regarding standards and related regulations required by the Medicalid Waiver and ICF/IID (formerly ICF/MR) programs.

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