Consulting & Training Since 1990 on Protecting People from Harm, Incident Management, Preventing & Investigating Abuse/Neglect in Long-Term Care Systems Supporting People with Disabilities & the Elderly
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"I am very grateful for this class.  As much as I was fearful about this process, I've found another reason why I want to be in this field - to not only be an advocate for the individuals I support, but I can also protect them  harm or the potential for harm.  I am happy Dale was my trainer. She's knowledgeable and professional presenting the training as she did; she's an expert due to her experiences as she trains others to become better at conducting investigations."
"Dale is a very dynamic, exciting presenter with a passion to share her knowledge with her students. She can create pictures with her words, incorporates the challenging materials, and leaves you after 4 days with a feeling  of accomplishment and knowledge to be able to be a competent investigator."

"Dale was fantastic. She is a fountain of knowledge and her experiences and delivery of course materials made a very technical presentation interesting and relevant to the field."

"Dale was extremely organized and very well prepared. Various strategies were used to explain materials and keep the class moving forward despite covering a vast amount of material. I never lost interest or zoned off into space; using various modalities of instruction held my interest. Dale is an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable of incident management requirements across a number of states."

"Excellent instructor. I came to this training expecting it to be 'boring,' however the delivery of the materials kept my attention. It was refreshing to be taught by someone who could relate real-life situations and incorporate that into the material."

"Instructor and content were fabulous! Provided me a great working knowledge and framework to be an investigator for my organization."

"Dale was a great presenter. She kept the class engaged, interested, and focused. The information covered was very informative, the 4-day training was well planned, coordinated, and the set-up such as breaks and class structure was also excellent!"

"Challenging and informative training. Dale does a tremendous job of explaining and instructing the subject matter. It was a valuable training experience!"

"Excellent class, trainer was very knowledgeable and handled complicated questions with poise."

"I found Dale to be energetic, captivating and inspiring through her own passions for the subject."

"This training was amazing! Dale did a great job presenting a wealth of information that was complicated but very relevant and useful to the day-to-day operations that I'm directly involved with! Nicely done!"

"Instructor was extremely knowledgeable. Her experiences are interesting and thought provoking. I learned much about investigations and incident management policy. Very pertinent and timely."

"Very informative, I learned a lot of information about investigations and the process leading up to and through the investigation. I can honestly say in all my years of professional experience I have never met a trainer with as much knowledge as Dale.  She did a wonderful job."

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